Every year, at the end of September, I head north to hunt Ohio with a great friend and field producer for the Whitetail Fix, Drew Brown.  This year was going to be a little different since I was taking my Ten Point Crossbow rather than my Bear.  It’s a hunt I truly look forward to every year and this year was no exception with all the Reconyx pictures he had been sending me.

On the second afternoon of the hunt, the deer we called “Mr. Freak” decided to step out at 20 yards with plenty of camera light.  This was a deer we knew very well as we had tallied tons of Reconyx pictures of him all summer.  As he slowkly inched closer and closer to the blind, I raised my Ten Point and made a perfect shot at 17 yards.  Between the combination of the Ten Point and the Rocket 3 Blade Meat Seeker, it was a very short recovery.

I owe a huge thanks to Joe Holderfield for taking the time to go film me on this incredible hunt and I also owe a huge thanks to Drew Brown and Dave Haynes for all of the hard work they put into this farm and making this a successful hunt.

Bowers Ohio 2