Steve Filley

Steve Filley

Construction, Professional Hunter

Steve Filley was born in Cameron, Missouri on July 14 1972. Like most kids, he was introduced to hunting by his father; William (Leroy) now deceased since February 19, 2012. In 1995, Steve would meet Chuck Weldon, while employed as a police officer in Gallatin, MO. After several years, the two discovered that they had the same passion for growing and harvesting mature whitetails. In 1998, Steve left his job with the Police Department and began working in Kansas City, MO in the construction industry. Steve has been employed with Harsco Infrastructure since June of 1998. In April 2002, Steve married his wife Julia and moved to Gallatin MO. In November 2003, they were introduced to their daughter, Brianna and Steve also has another daughter, Mikayla from a previous relationship. Steve has since moved back to Cameron after his fathers passing. In 2010, Steve and Chuck were chosen to participate in Drury Outdoors Dream Season 8: Workin’ Man. At that point they were introduced to eight other guys who shared the same passion for hunting and together they formed The Whitetail Fix.