What is Whitetail Fix

The show is a reflection of real life: people seek places and experience moments that not only help them escape their realities, but enable them to grasp the ones in reach, and strive for the ones that are not. People are shaped and molded by their accomplishments in life, family, and values that they have entrusted. However, some seem to have a void that’s left unfilled. Follow the Whitetail Fix crews as they share with America just how they fill that void in life.

Follow us on an epic journey as we try to balance family, work, life’s obstacles, and anything else that may stand in our way of achieving one ultimate goal, “Getting Our Fix” through chasing mature whitetails.

You don’t want to miss any of the action as there’s sure to be plenty of thrills, chills, and spills. Experience the reality of what the FIX crews endure behind the scenes, and let them show you the struggles they are faced with while trying to balance all of life’s duties and make time in their overwhelming schedules to fulfill that ultimate fixation, better known as the WHITETAIL FIX.

The Fix crews have one goal in mind: To provide viewers with the most “jaw-dropping” outdoor entertainment possible, while simultaneously educating, and captivating, their audience as to how these ten, hard working, God loving, working class individuals consistently and successfully harvest whitetails all across the country, without ever losing focus on the most important aspects in life.

The Whitetail Fix crews pledge to entertain their audience with the highest level of outdoor tv production, all the while providing them with tactics that will enable the best chance possible to harvest mature whitetails, no matter what region or state, how pressured or how limited people may be by resources.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s sure to be a thriller!


Chuck Weldon, Steve Filley, Jesse Fulwider, Mike Marsteller, Ernie DeSantis and Jose Del Otero make up The Whitetail Fix! These 6 guys come from different walks of life, different backgrounds, they have different jobs, different accents but they all share one common bond. The need, the addiction, the passion and desire of producing hunts and chasing trophy whitetails! After a successful stint on the popular outdoor show Dream Season Workin’ Man forces were joined, ideas were exchanges and finally The Whitetail Fix was born!

The Whitetail Fix will take you along our seasons journey as we travel the country trying to fulfill that need and that desire to get our Whitetail Fix!! Along the way we will entertain you with a style of show and passion never before seen in outdoor television!

Join us this summer for the new season of Whitetail Fix!

Plot Outline

If you look up the definition of Fix you will find many different ways to use the word. One modern way to define Fix is to “satisfy a need”.

Everyone in life has a passion, a desire and a need to satisfy. Everyone needs to get a Fix.

For the guys of The Whitetail Fix that need is chasing trophy whitetails!

Follow the guys of The Whitetail Fix as they travel the country in the attempt to satisfy their need and get their Whitetail Fix.