It was finally that time of year.  The time that all whitetail hunters dream about, “The Rut”. That magical time of year when you spend long hours on stand and get very little sleep and pray that it all pays off in the end.

Every year I’m fortunate enough to be able to head west to Missouri and hunt with good friend and fellow Fix member, Chuck Weldon.  In the past I’ve always hunted Chuck’s farm during late muzzleloader season in December.  This year would be the first time that I was able to hunt the rut with him.

After filming Chuck for several days with lots of encounters but no kill, it was my turn to swing the bat.  After eight days of sitting on stand with no shot opportunities,  this beautiful ten point we had named “The Short- Tined Ten” made a huge mistake.  On the last morning of my hunt, he cruised by the wrong stand looking for love and at thirty yards my Bear Motive did the job.
I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to the Weldon family for allowing me to spend time with them every year.  They are no longer friends of mine but family, and it is truly the most anticipated hunt for me every year.  A huge thanks to Chuck, Jim, Becky, and Hannah.


Gear List

  • Bear Motive 6
  • Rocket Steelhead XL 100 grain broadhead
  • Trophy Ridge One Pin React Sight
  • Carbon Express Maxima Red Arrows
  • Tru Fire Release
  • ScentLok Head Hunter Suit
  • Wildlife Research Center Products
  • Game Plan Gear
  • Lacrosse Aerohead Boots
  • Realtree Xtra Camo
  • Nikon Optics
  • Gorilla Gear Safety Harness